5 Best Apps to Find Clothes by Picture on Android and iOS

We’ll always be tempted to choose just one item of clothes, which leads to four, and the list keeps on. There are numerous possibilities available while browsing for clothing, yet there isn’t a single item that fits. What if we told you that there are apps that allow you to find clothing based on a picture? Would you be curious? We have five apps for you if the response is a resounding yes.

Some of the top uses of AI include personalised assistants, automation, and personalised buying. In keeping with this, outfit-finding applications use AI to conduct a reverse search for clothing using the images that are provided.

This can refer to the garment’s cut, style, colour, pattern, or any combination thereof. But are these apps really as great as everyone claims? Let’s investigate.

Apps to Find Clothes by Picture


In addition to reading text or scanning a QR code, Google Lens can also be used to browse for clothing. This reverse image search software is one of the finest for finding outfits. You can use it to either take a picture of the full ensemble or choose one from your library.

This will then display the pertinent purchase recommendations from various shopping apps. Barcodes can be used to search for products as well.

Although Google Lens also provides purchasing links for accessories like hats, purses, earrings, etc., in our testing, they weren’t as precise as the outfit selections. Also, you may enhance your search by include components like colour or a brand name by using the “Add to your search” feature.

Following that, Google Lens will offer products that match the outfit you searched for based on that information. The search results, though, can occasionally be a bit overwhelming because Lens will show you every single suggestion it can.

So, if you’re shopping for an outfit, it will provide you with extra choices depending on the design, manufacture, and even fit of the clothing, colour being of no consideration. While some people might find this useful, if you’re solely looking for the perfect outfit match, it can be too cluttered. Nonetheless, emphasises its usability, particularly for Android users.


  • Extensive choice of brands
  • Gives multiple buying suggestions
  • Matches are mostly accurate
  • Option to add search elements


  • Results can be overwhelming
  • Need to go to other apps to shop for outfits


You can look for clothes by taking a photo and using the StyleSnap function of the Amazon app. To begin, launch the Amazon Shopping app and click the camera button. Amazon will provide you with a number of style match choices after analysing the image. When you’ve got the outfit, put it in your shopping basket and check out anytime you like.

Apps to Find Clothes by Picture

The Amazon StyleSnap tool analyses the image, whether it was uploaded or recorded, and also provides you with extra accessory and shoe purchase recommendations. If you’re looking for the entire ensemble, this may be helpful. To open the product match for a photo, tap on any of the circles on it.

Also, you will have more purchasing possibilities when browsing for clothing because Amazon serves a wide number of companies. Also, the StyleSnap website offers its own outfit suggestions and is prepared with the pertinent links once you tap on them.

However, we discovered that StyleSnap did a better job of providing you with alternatives that were more similar to the outfit than exact matches. It’s possible that because Amazon sells everything, there have been instances where it has chosen to focus on other components in the image rather than the actual clothing.


  • More brands available
  • Recommends accessories and footwear as well
  • Offers other outfit recommendations
  • Can shop for outfits within the app


  • Doesn’t always give the exact match to the outfit
  • Pictures with more background elements might need to be cropped


Although Pinterest has historically been best recognised for its boards, the Lens function has also been progressively gaining popularity. For their search results, Pinterest Lens largely uses images or Pins from boards. Also, it gives you the choice of browsing at the suggested outfits or shopping.

When you press on a product Pin and scroll down, you can notice the majority of them have their own suggested Pins. You can also look at additional accessories that match your attire. You can create boards with these product Pins in addition to just browsing. Moreover, you have the option to upload or take a picture.

The search results for the purchase advice were not as comprehensive as anticipated. Finding the appropriate pin was further complicated by the fact that several of the suggested pins lacked clear photographs of the item. Also, there were some price variations, with the same product having a varied price in several product pins.

Tip: You can also check our article for a detailed comparison of Google Lens vs. Pinterest Lens.


  • Separate tab for exploring outfit suggestions
  • Uses Pins to analyze outfit suggestions
  • Some product Pins come with additional outfit suggestions
  • Product Pins can also be used to create boards


  • Search results aren’t as decisive
  • Restricted shoppable suggestions


While utilising CamFind to locate clothing from a picture, you also receive suggestions based on your location, similar YouTube videos, and product choices. If necessary, you may also change the CamFind-created product description to improve the app’s search functionality.

Also, you can evaluate the many possibilities for the same outfit and publish the search results as a public post. The note can then be expanded with notes, locations, and even web links. Also, you may choose Private mode while looking for clothes to keep your search private and even save the search results to your device.

The app experience was not the best, despite the fact that there are more search results available. CamFind needed a few tries before it was able to identify the clothing in the image. The software was unable to judge the outfit in the uploaded picture as well as the one taken using the app, even if you have the choice of taking a picture or uploading one.


  • Extensive search parameters relevant to the searched product
  • Social media sharing options
  • Set reminders and add notes to the search results
  • Private mode available


  • Might require a few tries to scan the picture
  • Uploaded outfit pictures might need to be reuploaded


The ASOS app finds the closest match from its inventory using a reverse image search for clothing. The programme lets you scale any image, whether it was taken or uploaded, unlike manual search. Based on that, it then presents you with the closest stylistic matches.

Moreover, filters are provided on the ASOS app to sort through the search results. With these, you may filter and obtain accurate results based on a variety of factors, including brand, price, size availability, style, and product type. Before checking out, you may browse and add clothes to your wishlist.

Only its own brands are eligible for recommendations on the ASOS app. If you’re looking for, let’s example, a particularly certain outfit or style, this can become limiting. While there is no focus search tool, you do have the choice to scale the image before uploading so that it only focuses on the components you desire.


  • Reliable buying options
  • Additional search filters
  • Matches are mostly accurate
  • Allows picture scaling before uploading


  • Search results show ASOS brands which are limited
  • No focus feature for specific garments


1. Can I upload existing pictures to the app as well?

Yes, most apps allow you to find an outfit using existing photos.

2. Will I be able to find clothes from all brands?

A larger range of searches can be conducted using Pinterest and Google Lens, and most brands are typically included. You could only be able to search through apps for particular brands, like ASOS, and the brands it represents.

3. Is there any way to find out what clothes a celebrity is wearing in a picture?

The two most well-known websites that can help you determine what clothing a celebrity is wearing in a photo from a TV show or movie are presumably Worn On TV and Filmgarb. They provide clothing matches as well as the appropriate shopping links. Nevertheless, they lack specific apps and are only accessible through a web browser.


Choosing clothing based just on a picture is never easy. We therefore hope that the applications mentioned in this post assisted you in selecting the ideal clothing. If you’re sick of shopping on your phone, you can also use these shopping applications on Apple TV.