Use POPPO App To Make Money Online

How Can I Download

After downloading the app from the Play Store, users don’t need to register in order to use it as viewers or streamers. By clicking on DOWNLOAD You can immediately download the APP.

Once downloaded, select Agency and input my code, which is 8947537.

Ways To Make Money

A new user can start earning by finishing their first task after completing facial authentication and registering an account.

  • Task: You receive a prize after finishing this task. As a new user, you have a new user responsibility that requires you to play alone for two hours every day in order to gain 20,000 points. It costs the same as $2 and lasts for a whole week. As a result, $14 might be your possible weekly income from a new user. To avoid breaking the rules, exercise caution and follow them.
  • It is much better to become a member of these organizations, as they will help you by giving you presents. Since the group I joined is unable to serve all of its members, they have prohibited us from inviting. Don’t worry, though; a lot of agencies are still open. All you have to do is watch some live until they reveal who is hiring.

How To Withdraw My Points

You can withdraw your money once you’ve earned 100,000 points, which is equivalent to $10.
With jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, USDT, and other payment methods, you can effortlessly withdraw your money.