How to Use In Driver App 2022

How to Use In Driver App application is there to make your work easier! The App is your main tool to manage work: you use it to receive jobs, to navigate, to control your account, and for many other things.

Why is new Driver App so handy?

● It informs you, loud and clear, about incoming jobs;
● Your main screen is a map with all the needed info (incl.
your pick-up area and other drivers)
● The prices of the rides are calculated automatically;
● Your statistics are shown per day. You can pause and go on
with your shift several times per day without losing your
today’s data;
● All the buttons you need are on your main screen.

The Use In Driver App is available for both iOS- and Android-operated devices.

We’ve made this guide for you to learn the most important things about working about Use In Driver App.

There are a few requirements your device has to meet:

● Android version 4.x or higher, or iOS version 7.x or higher;
● GPS on your smartphone;
● 3G/4G connection;
● Driver App is installed on your smartphone.
We wish you great success in your work!

Get registered:

Registration in the system is the step that enables you to accept the jobs.
There are two ways of getting registered in the system:
Registration at the company office. You will have to visit the office and provide the information needed. If it is the only way to registrate, the Driver app will tell you that.

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Registration via the app itself. You may submit all the needed info via the app. After that, your profile needs to be approved and activated by your company. If everything is done well, you will be able to start riding as soon as possible.

Use In Driver App

After you’re registered in a company, you will have to authorize yourself to the app: to provide your phone number. After you do
so, you’ll get an SMS-code to fill in to proceed.

Use In Driver App

You can also sign in the app using your Google+ account

Complete your profile:

After you’ve registered, the Personal information screen appears. Fill it in carefully.

“Name”, “Phone number”, “Driver license” are the obligatory fields. Adding your photo is not obligatory, but very nice.

Use In Driver App

After you fill in your personal information, the “Car details” screen will appear. Here you will have to provide the relevant info about your car: color, year, model, plate number, board number, and eventually a photo, too. You will also be asked to specify the maximum number of passengers.

On the “Car details” page you will be able to choose all the additional options that make driving with you especially attractive: child seat, accessibility for people with disabilities, payment with credit cards, pets-friendliness, and many more. These options can be of great importance to people, so make sure you fill them truthfully.

Use In Driver App

After your “Car details” are filled in, the app will ask you to upload the pictures of your driver‘s license.

This happens on the Additional docs screen:

Use In Driver App

This profile of you as a driver is a sort of your business card. Your clients will receive this information after you accept an order. They will decide if they like to ride with you based on the info you’ve provided.

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Application works:

Your map
You’ve probably noticed that your main screen is map. On it, you can see all the data you need for your work.

When you’re offline (or off your shift), it shows your today’s total gain, your time online, number of trips and the distance you’ve made today. In the offline mode you can also quickly access your channels panel and your scheduled jobs panel from the main screen.

How to Use In Driver App

Is there something useful Use In Driver App you can do with the map while online (on shift)? Lots of things!

While online, you still have quick access your scheduled jobs.

You also have four buttons on the map:
● left under, button to adjust your pick-up area;
● right under, button with a car on it, you can switch on/off
showing other drivers on the map;
● right under, button with the traffic lights to switch on/off
Google information on the traffic lights;
● right under, button with an arrow on it is to show your own location.

How to Use In Driver App

So, now you’ve learned everything you need to start working! Congrats! Let’s begin your very first shift!


Use In Driver App you won’t have to be worried about how much each ride will ultimately cost you while you move around your city. This is definitely a very helpful tool that offers a new view on the taxi industry. the Use In Driver App Additionally, you can always choose the driver of your choice from those who are interested in your offer. By doing this, you’ll always have the choice to read user reviews and travel securely.

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