Why WhatsApp goes down in Pakistan & India

WhatsApp goes down:

WhatsApp goes down

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app for smartphones, and with Whatsapp Web, it can also be used on desktop computers. This makes it very easy for people to use. Customers use their data allowance to send messages, pictures, videos, phone calls, and audio messages all through the Whatsapp app. It has become an important part of their daily lives.

That means Whatsapp has to be up and running all the time, no matter what. However, as usual, will sometimes go down without warning, leaving users in a panic because they can’t send or receive messages for a long time.

Is Whatsapp down for you on Tuesday, October 25, 2022? Does the Whatsapp web app on your computer or phone not work?

Leave a message below about the status of Whatsapp for iOS and Android in your area, and keep an eye out for updates from PR editors and other Whatsapp users when there is an official outage.

WhatsApp goes down

Why WhatsApp goes down in Pakistan
WhatApp goes down


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