47 Khalifa Short Biography

Khalifa’s trick shots and eye shots are terribly renowned. He started his career in Tiktok and He was thought of as a KING of M24. In the beginning, he was uploading videos of fast-scope shots in war mode.

His initial video on youtube was a kar98k montage with non-copyright music. it absolutely was a mean video however he still got 54k views on its video.

When he started uploading TikTok videos all of his videos were going into the For You page of TikTok. His TikTok account is verified now and has 1.2 Million Followers and 40.7 Million likes on his video.

Real Name Osama Qayom
PUBG ID 5267813117
In Game Name 47〆khaŁiFa
ID Level 75
Gender Male
Age 24
Profession TikTok / Youtuber
Date of Birth 11 April 1997
City Peshawar
Country Pakistan
PUBG Device iPhone 12 Pro Max
KD 4.14 C1S2
Clan 47
Relationship Status Married
Wife Not Shared
Income $500 per month
Net Worth $40,000
Mobile Number 03102435356
Email 47khalifabusiness@gmail.com
Youtube  N/A


He is the leader of the 47 Clan. Most of his Clan members square measure TDM players and are sensible at M24 shots.

47 Khalifa is currently within the Bootcamp of HS(Hidden Star) which is in hand by HS Samak. he’s streaming from there and creating his content with other HS and 47 clan members.

Interesting Facts about 47 Khalifa

  • His kin group name is forty-seven. he’s the leader of the forty-seven kin group. a forty-seven kin group is the documented kin group in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  • Forty-seven Khalifa’s real name is Osama Qayyum.
  •  He lives in Peshawar, Pakistan.
  •  Mostly, he transfers videos of one vs one Tdm.
  • Pakistani individuals decision him King of Sniping.
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Fan Following

He has around 1.4 million Popularity in Pubg Mobile. And he’s conjointly a renowned tik toker. He has 200k followers on Tik Tok. forty-seven Khalifa tik tok id is 47_khalifa.:

Which device will 47 Khalifa use?

iPhone 14


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