Ahmad OP Short Biography

Real Name Ahmad Rana
Nick Name Ahmad OP
Age 18 Years
Place of Birth Lahore
Country Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
PUBG ID 534149618
Clan TheLegends
Crew TheLegendsOfficial
Control 6 Fingers + Gyro
Device iPad
Instagram ig_ahmadop
Youtube intro NOT KNOWN

Biography of Ahmad oP Pubg Player. In this article, I will tell you about Ahmad Op. legend ahmad is a famous PUBG Mobile Player from Pakistan. His real name is Ahmad Rana

Ahmad OP


He is known as Legend Ahmad. He lives in Lahore, Pakistan. He is eighteen years old. He was born on August 3, 2003. He became famous in his video Join Random Squad Like a Bot.

He has up to 1.1 million views on his videos. He has about 140,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. He started his Youtube channel on January 23, 2018. He is playing PUBG Mobile on his iPad using 6 finger configuration.

He is playing Europe Server on PUBG Mobile. Most likely he is playing Solo vs. Squad or Duo vs. Squad.

He is one of the best PUBG Mobile players from Pakistan. His family name is TheLegends. Legend Sam is the leader of the legend’s family. He is also a famous PUBG Mobile player from Pakistan.

Little known facts about legend Ahmad :

Ahmad oP’s surname is Ahmed Rana. He is also known as Legend Ahmad. He is among the Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players from Pakistan.

He plays PUBG Mobile with 6 Finger Claw Setup + Gyro Always.

Instagram account of Ahmad OP

Many asked questions about Ahmad Op:

Who is Legend Ahmad?

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Answer: he is a famous Pakistani Pubg mobile player.

What is Ahmad real name?

Answer: His real name is Ahmad Rana.

What device does Ahmad Op use?

Answer: iPad



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