Mr Jay Short Biography

Real Name Jahanzaib
Nick Name Mr Jay Plays
Age 29 Years (10 March 1992)
Place of Birth Lahore, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Country Pakistan
PUBG Name MrJayPlays
PUBG ID 526347774
Crew Not in Crew
Control Emulator
Device Emulator
Instagram Not known
Email Not Known

Mr Jay Gaming Youtuber Pakistan – Where you can get all information about Mr Jay gaming like age, real name, country, PUBG ID, PUBG name, birthday, face, contact information, number, biography and many more.Mr Jay

Mr Jay plays Biography:

MrJayPlays is a YouTube video player and PC gamer. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He currently lives in England.

MrJay Plays founded his YouTube channel in 2012. Now he has about 600,000 subscribers on his channel. It is famous for its PUBG Mobile, GTA 5 and other PC games. It is a mobile user of pubg.

He is a very funny and interesting threat. He won the PES 2020 award for the best player of the year. His brave clan also won the PES 2020 Fan Favorite Clan award. He is a well known YouTuber from Pakistan.

His live stream is always appearing in Pakistan and he is the first person from Pakistan whose Livestream has become number 1. His PUBG family name is RAPTR, which is a big family with 150 members.

Instagram Account of Mr Jay

His family plays both mobile and PC games and has won many online tournaments. He organizes bar competitions. His videos and live streams are fun to watch. His Instagram handle is MrJayPlays.

Little known facts about Mr Jay Plays

  • MrJay Plays is a Pakistani Youtuber. • He has good friends with big youtubers like Ducky Bhai.
  • His favorite quote on the live stream is Hutt BSDK.
  • It is the best sniper of PUBG Mobile.
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