Solo King Short Biography

Real Name Jawad Ali
Nick Name Solo King
Age 30 Years
Birth Place Not Known
Country Pakistani
Nationality Pakistan
PUBG ID 525584023
Crew Not in Crew
Control 4 Fingers Claw
Device iPhone 11 Pro Max
Instagram tgsoloking
Email Not known

Biography of Solo King Pubg In this article, I will tell you about Solo King. Solo King is a famous PUBG Mobile Player from Pakistan.Solo King

Introduction of Solo King:

It is famous for its PUBG Mobile app. He has the best list of any Pakistani player. It has the best merchandise as well as expensive clothes, leather and more.

His real name is Jawad Ali. He was born in Pakistan on January 22, 1990. His Youtube channel name is SOLO KING.

He has about 200,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. He may have made videos that show opening boxes and taking merchandise. He became famous in Pakistan Most Cher & Best Inventory video.

He is the only Pakistani with the Challenge Frame. He is playing PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 Pro Max. It plays PUBG Mobile with 4 finger settings. His family name is SOLOGAMING. He is the leader of the SoloGaming Clan.

He has about 400,000 followers on TikTok. Little known facts about Solo King

Solo King’s real name is Jawad Ali. He is among the Top 5 PUBG mobile youtubers from Pakistan. He is the only Pakistani with the Challenge Frame. It has the name PUBG Dominator. It has the best Pakistani products. It is in the top 100 most popular ranking.

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Instagram Account of Solo King 

Some famous question are as follow:

Who is the Solo King?

Answer: Solo King is a famous Pakistani Pubg mobile player.

What is Solo King’s real name?

Answer: His real name is Jawad Ali.

What tools does Solo King use?

Answer: iPhone 11 Pro Max


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