How to Create Call link in WhatsApp

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has begun rolling out its new Call Links feature to more users today. WhatsApp was working to develop a variety of new features over the last few months.

For instance, the ability to transform yourself into an image, allow up to 1,024 participants to chat in groups, or even the ability to create polls for groups. It’s one of the applications that have resisted the urge to bloat its platform with useless features.

A fascinating and useful feature, called Call Links, which first was announced the last month, is expanding to more users around the world.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the feature earlier this month, and it allows sharing calls that include video and voice. It’s been only a couple of weeks ago, and WhatsApp’s WhatsApp Call Link feature is already rolling out to users.

Steps to Create Call link in WhatsApp


Tab the Calls Tabs:

How to Create Call link on WhatsApp
Step 1

Tap Create Call Link:

Whatsapp Call link
Step 2

Select the type of call you want to make such as voice or video:

How to Create Call link on WhatsApp complete
Step 3

Make sure to tap to Share Link or copy the Link and then send it to WhatsApp or another app:

Whatsapp Call Links
Step 4

Each time you create a call link, the URL is unique and secure, using 22 characters to identify the link, which means that no one is able to guess your call numbers. Call links are simple to create if you lose or forget the link you’ve made.

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Make sure to save your link in case you plan to use it again. Call links are supported by iOS and Android on the calls tab. Anyone who has the link is able to join your call, therefore make sure you only share it with people whom you can trust. Users who are blocked cannot access the call number.



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