Imran Khan Injured After Firing At His Rally, Gunman Arrested

Imran Khan, who used to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan, was hurt today when gunshots were fired at a protest march in Pakistan. In Pakistan’s Punjab province, shots were fired at the truck Imran Khan was riding in. Local media say that Mr. Khan is no longer in danger.

Imran Khan after firing images

Moonas Elahi’s tweet on Imran khan’s firing

Imran Khan was leading a march of protesters to Islamabad to ask for early elections.

Gunshots were heard near Imran Khan’s reception camp at Allahwala Chowk in Gujranwala. This was reported by a local news station called Geo News. It said that a number of people were hurt.

About 200 km from Islamabad, the event brought back chilling memories of how former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was killed during a rally in 2007.

On Thursday, a gunshot hit former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at one of his rallies in Pakistan. The gunman was stopped by a supporter of Imran Khan, and he has been taken into custody. Reports said that he was the only one at the scene.

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During the protest march, Imran Khan was attacked. In Punjab, Arindam Bagchi, a spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs, said today that India is “closely watching” what happened at Imran Khan’s rally. During his meeting with the media, Mr. Bagchi said,

The change just happened as I was walking into this meeting. This is something we’re paying close attention to.


Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Condemns Attack On Imran Khan

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the foreign minister and leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party,

“strongly condemned”

the attack on Imran Khan and prayed for him to get better quickly.


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