Prize bond Draw Schedule 2023

Download the Prize Bond draw schedule for 2023. Upcoming Prize Bond lucky draw schedule for all denominations, including Draw, Date, Day, and City. The National Savings Organization updates this schedule every year with the dates and cities where the draw will be held. All prize bonds are drawn four times a year, and every three months, a different denomination value is drawn. This year’s Prize Bond Schedule 2023 has all Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, and 40000 Prize Bonds on it. Prize bond draw schemes will help you figure out how to spend your money to buy these bonds in the future.

Before the year starts, this Schedule National Savings Complete Draw List can be found at This chart will tell you when and where the next draw will be held, as well as if the roster has changed because of a holiday. The Federal Government has public holidays on Saturday and Sunday, so there is no draw on those days. You should know that these dates will be blank in the Prize bond draw schedule for 2023.

The formula maker gives a value to the city and date so that prize bonds can be chosen and money games can be played.

Pakistan Savings Certificates and Prize Bonds have different values, so different people who can buy them buy them. Prize Bonds Lucky Draw Calendar & Dates in Pakistan cover the whole year, from January to December. You can save the Prize Bond 2023 Draw Schedule to your desktop so you can look at it online whenever you want. Here is the National Savings of Pakistan’s full Prize Bond Schedule for 2023.

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Denomination Draw # Date Day City
Rs.750/- 93 16 January 2023 Monday Karachi
Rs.25000/- 08 10 March 2023 Friday Hyderabad
Rs.1500/- 93 15 February 2023 Wednesday Quetta
Rs.100/- 40 15 February 2023 Wednesday Rawalpindi
Rs.40000/- 24 10 March 2023 Friday Multan
Rs.200/- 93 15 December 2023 Friday Faisalabad
Rs.750/- 94 17 April 2023 Monday Peshawar
Rs.25000/- 09 12 September 2023 Tuesday Faisalabad
Rs.1500/- 94 15 May 2023 Monday Lahore
Rs.100/- 41 15 May 2023 Monday Multan
Rs.40000/- 25 12 June 2023 Monday Muzaffarabad
Rs.200/- 94 15 March 2023 Wednesday Quetta
Rs.750/- 95 17 July 2023 Monday Rawalpindi
Rs.25000/- 10 11 December 2023 Monday Sialkot
Rs.1500/- 95 15 August 2023 Tuesday Peshawar
Rs.100/- 42 15 August 2023 Tuesday Karachi
Rs.40000/- 26 11 September 2023 Monday Quetta
Rs.200/- 95 15 June 2023 Thursday Hyderabad
Rs.750/- 96 16 October 2023 Monday Muzaffarabad
Rs.25000/- 11 11 December 2023 Monday Rawalpindi
Rs.1500/- 96 15 November 2023 Wednesday Faisalabad
Rs.100/- 43 15 November 2023 Wednesday Lahore
Rs.40000/- 27 11 December 2023 Monday Karachi
Rs.200/- 96 15 September 2023 Friday Multan



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