Arshad Nadeem Successful Surgery In London 2022

  • Dr. Bajwa Nadeem advised the surgeon Arshad should remain in London for another week despite his severe injuries.
  • Since 1962, Arshad is Pakistan’s first CWG gold medalist.

Dr. Ali Sher Bajwa, an orthopaedic surgeon who carried out the procedure, is optimistic that Nadeem will soon be in peak physical condition.

Bajwa stated in a video message that despite suffering two wounds, the man is now safely recovering. I’m pleased and content that the surgery’s intended outcome was attained. Modern facilities were also used for the surgery.

He continued by saying that despite suffering from some severe wounds, Arshad had proven to be a “warrior and a champion.”

Arshad Nadeem Successful Surgery In London

Before going back home,Arshad Nadeem Successful Surgery In London will spend one week receiving treatment from Bajwa and his staff. Arshad will be supervised by his coach Salman Butt for the remainder of the recovery time.

Arshad Nadeem Successful Surgery In London


Nadeem recently competed in the Lahore National Athletics Championship and took first place. He was able to throw an 81.21-meter distance to take first place.

The gold medalist from the Commonwealth Games told the media that his throw was over 81 metres even though he had only trained for 20 days. This gave him hope that he would soon be able to throw far again.

The competitor predicted that he would succeed and bring home

2023 and 2024 competitions. My objective is to be qualified for the 2024 Olympics.

Arshad Nadeem Successful Surgery In London,It is important to note that Nadeem is Pakistan’s first gold medalist in the sport of athletics at the Commonwealth Games since 1962.

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Nadeem competed in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Turkey, after the CWG 2022 and won a gold medal there.

Nadeem also made a strong showing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the 2022 World Athletics Championship, coming in sixth in both competitions.


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