Expected Snowfall in Murree 8 January 2023

Today Weather

The snowfall forecast for Murree for today says it will be dry and cold due to snowy clouds, with temperatures between -2°C and -08°C. There is a lot of moisture in the air—30%—which makes it feel very cold. This weekend, it’s likely to snow, and according to the Murree weather, it will snow again in 2023.

Today Snowfall Expected in Murree 

Today Snowfall Expected in Murree

In most parts of the country, the weather is expected to be cold and partly cloudy. Still, North Balochistan and Upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can expect some light rain or snow.

Expected Snowfall in Murree 2023

Murree is a popular place for tourists to visit in Pakistani Kashmir. Every year, tens of thousands of people come to Murree to enjoy its many winter activities and beautiful snow-covered scenery. As winter comes closer, many people are already curious about how much snow Murree will get in 2023.

According to the weather report, the first weekend of January 2023 is when Murree is most likely to get snow (likely Saturday & Sunday). But the hills and mountains of Murree would get a layer of white snow that would shine. Without a doubt, this will draw tourists and snowfall lovers from all over Pakistan to it.

Murree Weather Snowfall 2023

The long-awaited snowfall of Murree is expected to come the first weekend of January 2023. (most likely Saturday and Sunday). Murree’s hills and mountains will be covered in a beautiful white layer of snow, which will bring snow lovers from all over Pakistan.

Murree Snowfall 2023

Murree is looking forward to the first weekend of January 2023, when it is expected to snow (most likely on Saturday and Sunday). It will cover the area’s hills and mountains in a beautiful white blanket that will call snow lovers from all over Pakistan.

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Weather This Week

Until January 7th, the weather in Murree is likely to stay very cold and dry for the rest of the week. On the other hand, snow is expected to start falling on the weekend of January 8, 2023. Those who are excited to see it snow are looking forward to this chance. If you want to go somewhere in the north, especially where it snows, you should be careful and check the weather forecast for the places you want to go.


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