Four ‘terrorists’ nabbed in CTD raids

QUETTA: The Counter-Psychological warfare Division (CTD) on Tuesday captured four affirmed fear based oppressors in isolated attacks in Balochistan area, ARY News announced.

The CTD representative said that two claimed psychological militants of a prohibited outfit were captured in Quetta. The striking group recuperated projectiles and damage material from their ownership.

In another assault, CTD authorities seized two psychological militants during a knowledge based activity (IBO) in Center. The captured men were supposedly engaged with the killings of a columnist Shahid Zehri and an ancestral senior, the representative added.

Prior in the day, the Counter-Psychological warfare Division and a policing directed a joint strike on a clue

in Chaman and disarmed explosives established in two bikes.
The CTD representative said in a proclamation that a joint strike was directed with a policing at a house on Rehman Kahul Street in Chaman.

The attacking group recuperated bombs established in two cruisers inside the house. The Bomb Removal Crew (BDS) was called to the scene who disarmed the explosives.

A case was held up by the Counter-Psychological oppression Office (CTD) against unidentified fear mongers.

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