Meet Toba Tek Singh man whose eyes change color with clothes

Muhammad Ali, a 22-year-old Toba Tek Singh man is honored with a wonderful gift by the nature as the shade of his eyes changes with the tones of his garments.

Solely conversing with ARY News، Muhammad Ali said the shade of his eyes changes with the tone of the garments he wears.

The Toba Tek Singh man said his eyes change tone with pretty much every tint of apparel barring three varieties I-e-dark, red and yellow.

Ali said ordinarily it requires four to five minutes for eyes to change tone. Answering to an inquiry, the man said he has not taken any counsel from the specialist as he approves of his visual perception during the method involved with evolving variety.
The 22-year-old expressed because of continuous changes of his eyes’ tone, his partners used to inquire as to whether he utilizing eye focal points, however he used to answer no its genuine which they didn’t accept.

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