Pakistan, EU agree to make joint efforts for combating effects of climate change

State leader Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif and Leader of the European Association (EU) Commission Ursula von der Leyen met uninvolved of the COP 27 highest point in Egypt and consented to put forth joint attempts for fighting the impacts of environmental change.

Highlighting the requirement for global participation to address the difficulties of environmental change, the Head of the state said the entire world should experience the impacts of environmental change in future which emerging nations are confronting today.

He valued the participation of European nations in eliminating Pakistan from FATF’s dark rundown and their soul of aiding the flood-impacted individuals in Pakistan.

Shehbaz Sharif said Pakistan and the European Association are significant accomplices in accomplishing shared objectives.

He said there exists immense exchange potential among Pakistan and the European Association which should be taken to the ideal level.

On November 6, PM Shehbaz Sharif showed up in Egypt to take part in the “Sharm El-Sheik Environment Execution Highest point” being hung on November 7-8 as a component of COP-27.

As indicated by the state-run news organization Application, the significant level officials of the Egypt government and officials of the Pakistan international safe haven including the representative got PM Shehbaz Sharif who was joined by bureau individuals and other senior authorities.

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