Pakistani embassy attacked in Kabul

Pakistani embassy in Kabul came under attack on Friday, leaving one security guard critically injured, the Foreign Office said.

Official Statement on Pakistani embassy Attack in Kabul

According to a statement released by the FO, the target was Head of Mission Ubaid ur Rehman Nizamani, who remained unhurt in the attack.

The FO “strongly condemned” the attack, but added the embassy would continue to function normally and there were no plans to withdraw diplomats from Kabul.

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The Afghan chargé d’affaires was also summoned to the foreign ministry to formally protest over the attack.

According to an official, Mr Nizamani was walking in Pakistan mission’s lawn in Kabul’s Kart-i-Parwan neighbourhood when terrorists fired at him.

The shots hit a security guard, identified as Sepoy Israr Mohammad, who was ‘critically injured’ while attempting to save Mr Nizamani, according to the FO.

Mohammad, who was hit by two bullets, was shifted to a hospital and later moved to Peshawar via helicopter.

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