Punjab University Revised Undergraduate Policy

The reports claim that Punjab University revised the Undergraduate policy to allow students to appear for associate and Master’s degree programs as private candidates.
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Vice Chancellor of Punjab University Dr.Asghar Zaidi chaired a meeting of the Punjab University academic council on Thursday. He approved the recommendation to allow deserving students to continue their higher education with an associate degree and master’s degree as private candidates.
Previously under the new policy students belonging to the middle class and doing jobs to run their families were barred to continue their higher education as private students. The Vice-Chancellor took a notice of this and decided to place the matter before the academic council. The council meeting was attended by the Deans of faculties, Heads of departments, and Professors of the University.
The meeting decided that from this year onwards students will allow taking admitted to associate and master degree programs as private students.
VC of Punjab University said that thousands of private students would benefit from this revised policy. He also said that the vast majority of the students belong to the middle level and due to this new policy the doors of higher education were closed for them.
He said that the Punjab University administration would not compromise on standards of education. Professor Zaidi told the meeting that the HEC had also started reviewing the undergraduate policy. He said that the sources of income of PU were drying up.
According to the sources, Punjab University revised the Undergraduate policy to allow students to appear for associate and Master’s degree Pogrammes as private candidates. 
For information about Punjab University’s revised undergraduate policy, see the section below.
On Thursday, meeting of the Punjab University academic council was presided over by vice chancellor Dr. Asghar Zaidi. 
He gave his approval to the suggestion that meritorious students be permitted to pursue an associate degree and master’s degree as private candidates.
Prior to the new regulation, middle-class students who worked to support their families were prohibited from pursuing higher education as private student. 
This was noted by the vice chancellor, who made the decision to bring the issue to the academic council. 
Attended the council meeting
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