Shahid Afridi wants Mohammad Haris to open with Rizwan

Shahid Afridi has said that young wicket-keeper batter Mohammad Haris should open with Mohammad Rizwan and that Pakistan captain Babar Azam should bat one spot down.

Shahid Afridi wants Mohammad Haris to open with Rizwan, News

“Babar Azam we need firepower at the top with batters like Haris and Shahdab who are showing clear intent,”

Afridi wrote on Twitter on Sunday, after Pakistan beat Bangladesh to advance to the Semifinals.

“Please think about Haris going first with Rizwan and you going second with your best hitter. You should be set on winning the game but flexible about how the batting order looks “the previous captain said.

The right-handed wicket keeper batter Muhammad Haris has been very good in the last two Twenty20 World Cup games he has played.

Mohammad Haris

Mohammad Haris
Mohammad Haris

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