MDCAT Result 2022 [Latest UPDATES]

Pre-med students take tests every year after they take their FSc exams. About three to four months after the FSc exam, PMC holds the MDCAT. The MDCAT for 2022 will be given on November 13. The date for the end is set. In Pakistan, you have to take the MDCAT to get into medical or dental school. MDCAT Result 2022

Check:- MDCAT Result 2022

PMC has decided to give extra points for MCQs that aren’t on the syllabus on the MDCAT.


The date of the  MDCAT Result 2022 is November 22, 2022. will have the result.

On Tuesday, PMC will get together to talk about how the Post exams went.

Marks on the Mdcat are likely to go up. Visit PMC.ORG to find out more. Pk tomorrow.

Tests will be given all over the country by universities. All candidates in the Province take the same test. Tests on paper.

All information is officially verified.

  • According to the PMC Syllabus
  • MCQs Bank will be the source of the paper.
  • Paper Pattern Doesn’t Change
  • Extra points will be given to hafiz e Quran. The test will be given by the Provisional
  • University.
  • The test will be based on paper and pencil.
  • UHS MDCAT will be held in Punjab.
  • In Sindh, a test will be given by Dow Medical University.
  • KPK The test will be given by KMU.
  • For MBBS, you need 55% to pass.
  • For BDS, you need 45% to pass.

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MDCAT Question Bank?

 MDCAT Result 2022
MDCAT Result 2022


The PMC Question Bank will be used by all conducting bodies, which are universities. For Punjab, Uhs is the body that runs things. For Sindh, the test will be put on by the Dow University of Health Sciences.

Visit PMRC.ORG.PK for the latest news.

MDCAT Result 2022

Policy for Rescheduling during exams

  • Only major emergencies like medical emergencies, accidents, and natural disasters, as well as situations where the dates of the MDCAT exam conflict with any other exam, are valid reasons for rescheduling or not showing up.
  • If a candidate misses their scheduled exam date, they will only be able to reschedule if there is a date open in the future. This is not a right.

SOP for Rescheduling During Exam

The scheduling option will be available again on September 6, 2022, and candidates can directly reschedule their exam in case of an emergency or health problem.

MDCAT Result 2022

  • Total Numer of MCQs: 200
  • Duration of MDCAT: 3.5 Hours
  • Format: Computer-Based MCQs
  • Minimum Pass Marks for MEDICALCollege Admission: 65%
  • Minimum Pass Marks for Dental College Admission: 55%
Preparation For Online Preparation Visit PMRC.ORG.Pk
  • 20% MCQs (Easy)
  • 60 MCQs (Moderate)
  • 20% MCQs (Hard)


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  • MDCAT Books are Recommended for Preparation
  • Latest Updates only Available at PMRC.ORG.PK

NMDCAT is a test that Pakistan uses to choose who will become a doctor. This test is taken by about 200,000 students from all over Pakistan. Many people take the test more than once so they can get into medical school.

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Get the National MDCAT Book, which is what the best students say you should do.

MDCAT Result 2022

About 210,000 students are taking the MDCAT this year. More people than last year, by 70 thousand. About 6100 tests will be given each day. You can see from these numbers how much competition has grown in just one year.

MDCAT Result 2022

We’ve worked out that the amount of competition has grown by 60% just this year compared to last year. So, buckle up. Taking into account the numbers, merit could go up a lot this year.

Latest News & Press Conference PMC

In Pakistan, there are 6000 public MBBS/BDS seats. Every year, about 200,000 students compete. The National MDCAT Book is a good preparation book.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone can sign up for and take the MDCAT exam, whether they are a Pakistani, a Pakistani living abroad, or a foreign national.
    MDCAT 2022 registration DOES NOT need an FSC/HSSC/A level result or degree.
    A candidate can only take the MDCAT test once per calendar year.

Passing criteria

  • 65% (130 out of 200) for admission into Medical Colleges
  • 55% (110 out of 200) for admission into Dental Colleges.

For students who took the exam in 2021 and want to use their 2021 results for
admissions in 2022-23, the equivalence score calculator will be available on the
PMC website.

National MDCAT Pattern 2022

  1. 68 MCQs from Biology
  2. 56 MCQs from Chemistry
  3. 56 MCQs from Physics
  4. 20 MCQs from English
  5. 10 MCQs from Logical Reasoning

Time Duration

The total time of the National MDCAT test is 3.5hour (210 minutes). You have to complete 210 multiple choice questions in 210 minutes.

Logical Reasoning MCQs In MDCAT

What is a test of your ability to use logic? Logical reasoning tests are a kind of IQ test (Pahaili) that measure how well you can solve problems. They come in different forms, but all of them are meant to test your ability to think logically and draw conclusions from a set of information.

It doesn’t matter what you know already. Instead, it depends on general intelligence, just like a regular IQ test. Logical reasoning is a key part of most national and international entrance exams and job interviews. Through this test, they can figure out what kind of person they are.

MDCAT Result 2022

Here are the most-asked questions about MDCAT and the answers to them. I hope this section answers all of your questions.

How to do National MDCAT preparation?

What books should I buy?

What kind of strategy should I adopt?

How to avoid procrastination?

How to enjoy yourself while studying? How to keep yourself motivated?

This test is very important and life-changing not only for students but for their families too. Students have to work hard without giving up. They have to show loyalty towards their future by their outstanding performance in this test.MDCAT Test is based on 210 MCQs and it consists of five portions.  MDCAT Result 2022

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. English
  5. Logical Reasoning

The MDCAT test covers the four topics we just talked about. You can get the MDCAT Syllabus from the site. Get a printed copy of the course schedule so that you can use it easily.

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Follow the course outline exactly and study all of the topics that are on the course outline. You don’t need to study outside of the syllabus because all of the MCQs on the NMDCAT Test come from the syllabus.

For Quizzes About the MDCAT. You can call or text 03047418334 at any time.

To get into medical school, you have to take the PMC National MDCAT. The National MDCAT is put off. Soon, people will be able to sign up. The vice president says that 120,000 people sign up.

 MDCAT Result 2022

Here is the member of PMC who has been chosen. Here are the full names of everyone in the group. MDCAT Result 2022

  • Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore.
  • President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan.
  • Vice-Chancellor Prof. Aamer Zaman Khan, dean and head of the psychiatry department at Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences in Quetta.
  • Prof. Dr. Ghulam Rasool; Khyber Medical College in Peshawar
  • Dr. Mahmud Aurangzeb, Lahore Medical and Dental College, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Dr. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry. Alliance Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman KP
  • Mohammad Tariq Khan, Prof.
  • Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University in Islamabad
    Prof. Tanvir Khaliq and Brig. Dr. Tahir Aziz Ahmed is the Principal of the Army Medical
  • College, a Professor, and the Head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar.
  • Prof. Dr. Amer Bilal and Dean of Agha Khan University Medical College Karachi
  •  MDCAT Result 2022

National MDCAT

Pakistan Medical Commission will conduct a National MDCAT. The Date of NMDCAT will be updated here on Keep in touch with the Latest Information

national mdcat
MDCAT Result 2022

Merit Calculation Formula:-

This is for Both UHS MDCAT as well as NTS MDCAT For Sindh Students

  • 10% Matric
  • 40% Intermediate
  • 50% Test with Negative Marking) will be followed.

Latest:- MDCAT Preparation

Latest Merit Formula Change:-

The VC Merit Calculation formula says that it is change. Here are some new rules

In both public and private medical colleges in Punjab, there are a total of 6000 MBBS seats. The 775 BDS Seats.

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC has decided to change the requirements for 60 percent of the people who want to get into MBBS in Pakistan.

Also, MDCAT will not have pass/fail standards. Before this, students who got less than 50% on the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) were considered to have failed. At a meeting led by the Registrar PMC, these important decisions were made.

All of the decisions made by the Pakistan Medical Commission PMC will also be looked at again. The PMC is also cancelling the registration of 15 medical schools. At the meeting, it was said that all of the medical and dental schools that PMC had registered would have to reapply for registration.

 MDCAT Result 2022

During the PMC time, 15 schools of medicine and dentistry were registered. At the meeting, it was said that getting into medical school will no longer require a score of 70%, but rather a score of 60%. Also, the PMC test requirement that you get at least 50% to pass has been taken away. Even people with low grades will be able to get into medical school, just like in the past.

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At the meeting, it was said that the process of not letting someone in after failing four times has also been brought back. Justice (Retd.) Ijaz Afzal, the president of the PMDC, spoke at the meeting. He said that since the High Court has ruled that the PMC is not valid, all of its decisions are also not valid. Colleges’ registrations have also been cancelled, and they now have to apply to be registered again.

MDCAT Result 2022

National MDCAT

You should have a minimum of 70% Marks in intermediate, and 60% Marks in entry tests. For admission to any medical college in Pakistan. This criteria is by Pakistan Medical Dental Council. All the candidates appearing in the mdcat must have a provisional domicile.

For Punjab MDCAT, the Candidate must have Punjab Domicile. Same for other provinces. Domicile is mandatory for mdcat.

Across Pakistan, the National MDCAT Date is announced. The PMC will conduct this test in the following city centers. Lahore, Multan, Bhawalpur, DG Khan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, And Gujranwala. The test will start at the same time.

Maybe this year’s entry test will be online. Due to the current situation. Keep visiting Pakistan Medical Research Council for the latest news updates mdcat.

MDCAT 2022 Latest News

According to Latest News, New Minister wants a provisional MDCAT.

MDCAT Result 2022


Who will conduct MDCAT 2022?

PMC conducts the NMDCAT approximately three to four months after the FSc is completed. From 30th August to 30th September, MDCAT 2022 will take place online.

How many times can we repeat MDCAT?

Up to three times a year you can take the MDCAT.

Is there any age limit for MDCAT?

The minimum academic requirement for applying to MDCAT is 70% marks in the intermediate (FSC pre-medical) examination (770/1000). Yes candidate must have minimum 16 years old.

Is MDCAT Easy in Pakistan?

This test is made up of multiple-choice questions based on the MDCAT syllabus. … Getting through the test is not easy. Nonetheless, passing the test can be achieved by thoroughly understanding the entire syllabus and by following certain tips and tricks.

For which fields MDCAT is necessary?

As per the regulations of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Medical/Dental colleges admission tests (MDCAT) are mandatory for students applying to MBBS and BDS programs in both public and private institutions.

 MDCAT Result 2022

Medical Colleges Admission Policy

A centralized policy admission policy will be followed

  •  There will be no negative marking on the medical entry test.
  • The Minister of Education will decide on it PMC staff.

We update this article from time to time. This information is the latest. Any questions related to PMC National MDCAT, Registration, or Preparation? Ask here in the comment box.

MDCAT Result 2022

This article about MDCAT 2022 is written after a lot of research. Our team meets with the subject specialists, The toppers of MDCAT, and teachers. After a lot of meetings and conversations, we produce high-quality content. we also update this article from time to time.

MDCAT Result 2022


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