farewell quotes

Hey!We have some farewell quotes for you , you can use our farewell quotes , you can take our words for expressing your emotions , use our farewell quotes

It is hard to say goodbye to someone with whom you spend so many years”


“It is hard but you have to say goodbye because to start a new chapter in life you have to end the previous chapter”


“Farewell doesn’t mean that you will not see each other but it means that you will meet again and create more memories”


“It doesn’t matter if today we are going on a different journey but I promise you that I will meet you again no matter how far you are”


“It is not ending it is the beginning so smile and say goodbye”


“To move forward in life you have to say goodbye if you can’t say goodbye you will never able to move forward”

New farewell quotes

new farewell quotes

“Goodbye, but you will always be in my memories and I will always treasure the memories that I created with you”


“In every goodbye, there is a secret message that is we will miss you until you come back”


“I will always remember you no matter where I go”


“When you have to start a new adventure in life you have to say goodbye to your past”


“Saying farewell to someone means saying thank you for everything you have done for me”


“It is painful to say goodbye to someone you love but when you will reunite it is the happiest moment in your life”

Sad farewell quotes

sad farewell

“At some point, you have to understand that this is a real-life if you have to move on in life you have to say goodbye”


“We started with hello created some beautiful memories now we have to say goodbye, life is unpredictable”


“My heart doesn’t want to say goodbye but my mind says it is ok you will see him soon”


“I’m grateful that I’m blessed with such a great friend but now we have to live apart, goodbye my friend and always keep smiling”


“You have given me so many funny and beautiful memories, thank you for everything it does not end here we will meet again”


“Friends never say goodbye, because they believe that this is not ending we gonna meet again someday in life”

Good farewell quotes


Goodbye friend but always remember the time we spent together”


I’m so lucky that I got a chance to work with you I hope you get what you desire in life, farewell my friend”


“I had so much fun working with you I can’t explain in words, I will never find such an amazing person like you, farewell and keep smiling”


“Your words always inspire me, thanks for inspiring me when I’m feeling down, farewell buddy and I hope you always stay happy wherever you go”


“Working with you I learned so many things thanks for sharing your knowledge, farewell and don’t forget me”

Night farewell quotes

night farewell

“Farewell friend, I hope you accomplish great things in life and your hard work pay off”


“I never met such a hard-working guy before It is a fun and joyful ride till now but now it’s time to say goodbye”


“Without you around, it is hard to work, farewell we will miss you”


“Thanks for always solving my problems but now you are leaving with whom I will share my problems”


“Coming to work and not seeing you is painful but the memories we created will always remain, farewell my friend”

Missing farewell quotes

missing farewell quotes

“Keep working hard and don’t forget us always stay in touch, farewell buddy


Some goodbyes make you cry and make you feel like you lost something important in life”

Here we have some good farewell quotes, farewell is like an emotion , friends  parts away , so if you want good material of farewell quotes  ,then use our farewell quotes

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