40+ Free Article Submission Sites

This is Free Article Submission Sites is important since article submission is one of the top off-page SEO techniques for increasing website traffic and popularity. Similar to directory submission, but with higher requirements is article submission.

There are so many strategies that companies and businesses are doing in the age of digital marketing to increase brand awareness and increase traffic. So, in this article, we’ll talk about additional article submission site listings and how they could help in Google ranking.

What Is Article Submission?

The practise of adding your blog post to a more well-known and popular website that receives a lot of traffic is known as article submission Sites. An effective search engine optimization method to build high-quality backlinks to your website is article submission. A form of off-page SEO strategy called article submission can improve your website’s position in search engine results.Free Article Submission Sites Free Article Submission Sites

What Are Websites for Article Submission?

Websites that accept article submissions let anyone publish or share a blog post there. On the internet, there are countless free article submission sites that offer article publishing with or without registration.

The most successful, dependable, and widely available SEO strategies are thought to include article submission sites. SEO article submission sites offer no-follow and do-follow links as options.

The choice between the two will depend on the audience the business wants to reach. The top 40 free article submission sites are listed below for creating backlinks.

No Name Domain Authority
1 Warticles.com 44
2 Articlesubmited.com 55
3 Webpronews.com 57
4 Sharehealthtips.com 51
5 Jumparticles.com 64
6 Articlecatalog.com 64
7 Articlealley.com 61
8 Articleside.com 77
9 Articledoctor.com 55
10 Selfgrowth.com 45
11 Prolinkdirectory.com 62
12 Articlecity.com 63
13 Netezinearticles.com 63
14 Articles.abilogic.com 92
15 Articlesforwebsite.com 71
16 Galoor.com 73
17 Webmasterslibrary.com 74
18 Hubpages.com 81
19 Ehow.com 92
20 Biggerpockets.com 81
21 Brighthub.com 73
22 Buzzle.com 78
23 Apsense.com 72
24 Selfgrowth.com 60
25 Thefreelibrary.com 77
26 Sooperarticles.com 53
27 Articlesfactory.com 78
28 Abilogic.com 55
29 Articleseen.com 28
30 Articleslist.net 49
31 Article1.co.uk 55
32 Ourblogpost.com 77
33 Articlecede.com 62
34 Learnnpublish.com 58
35 Srmarticles.com 59
36 Hubpots.com 77
37 Adarticles.net 65
38 Easy-articles.com 53
39 Allthewebsites.org 52
40 Howtoadvice.com 83

Advantages of Article Submission:

  • Submission of articles raises visibility in search results.
  • A free marketing and content promotion strategy is article submission.
  • You can obtain a lot of targeted traffic by submitting articles.
  • Article submission brings in new clients.
  • Submission of articles increases exposure and reach.
  • Article submission takes very little time and effort.
    Links To Your Website Will Be Acquired Through Article Submission.
  • Article submission supports the development of your website’s authority, popularity, and credibility.


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