Peshawar Zalmi Unveils Three New Kits for PSL 8

In a joint effort with Gym Armour and Red Bull Records, Peshawar Zalmi unveiled new uniforms for the eighth iteration of the Pakistan Super League in a video featuring Pakistan Cricket and Zalmi Captain Babar Azam.

The notion that sports are trendy and that cricket is more than just a sport but a national sentiment has been introduced by Peshawar Zalmi, and Peshawar Zalmi is only improving it.

We see an enthusiastic, modern, and imaginative integration of Red Bull with Babar Azam and Sail by Awolnation as the official background score in partnership with Red Bull Records. The protagonists in the trailer are shown holding Red Bull cans while dressed in Peshawar Zalmi Kits with vibrant, coordinating accessories.

The Home Kit is an attractive fusion of Tuscany yellow with a traditional and complementary addition of black. It was inspired by the modern and progressive spirit of the brand Peshawar Zalmi. Peshawar Zalmi’s contemporary design philosophy is reflected in the aggressive yet understated appearance. The Peshawar Zalmi – The Yellow Storm’s devoted and fervent fan following is symbolised by the colour yellow.

The jerseys are offered in two variations, Acruthentic and Replica, depending on performance.

The elaborate geometric designs that are intricately woven and incorporated into the black mandarin collar and the clustered lemon yellow geometric motifs on the front of the jersey represent the bond that Peshawar Zalmi has with its fan base. On the sleeves, the geometric alliance becomes more prominent, emphasising the black ground even more. Details such as a yellow placket sewed up against the sleeves help to emphasise the silhouette’s personality. A chic addition of fabric with a sinuous linear play in gold is sewn into the jersey’s hem.

The authenticity badge is a crucial feature to the jersey. For its supporters, Peshawar Zalmi has ensured the highest calibre and authenticity. The Peshawar Zalmi insignia is engraved into the velvet symbol, which has a gloss that increases the aspect of authenticity.

Dark indigo values are combined with bright scarlet and tangerine chroma in the Peshawar Zalmi Training Kit. The warm colour scheme of the kit is a tribute to the city of flowers and its inhabitants. The base of the jersey is covered with a continuous textural design, and there is a linear interruption that runs down the sides and across the shoulders.

The Training Kit serves as evidence of Peshawar Zalmi’s adherence to the season’s fashion trends. Peshawar Zalmi made sure that the kits stand out to be statement items for the fans as well with the emergence of bright colours and stronger designs.

According to Mr. Javed Afridi, Chairman of Peshawar Zalmi, “The Training Kit is once again inspired by Peshawar – The City of Flowers.”

The trio of kits can be purchased right now from Peshawar Zalmi’s official shop.



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