Special good night status for whatsapp

In this artical we have provided best good night whatsap status Good night status for whatsapp, the best new good night status you may need

Good night  whatsapp status

  1. Good night whatsapp status


All hope is not lost! So far God lives. He is the only one that knows what tomorrow has in store for us. Good night

Good nigt whatsap status


Dear Heart, it is time to go to rest. I need to close my eyes in deep rest

Good night whtatsapp status


Violets are blue, so I am going to bed

Whatsap status

Remember to remember me as you sleep, so that I can stay in your dream tonight. Sweet dreams

Whatsapp status

Good Night world, tomorrow is another day

Good night whatsap status

It is time to welcome to dream world as I shut my eyes

Good night whatsap status

My sweet love sleep, remember it was difficult calling you when I was younger, now is time to play your part and make me rest well. Good night All

Good night whatsapp

know that a day will come where we will not have to ever say good bye, but good night

Good night whatsap status

I become the king of the world. Till that happens, I need to catch my sleep. Ciao

I just need a new day, I am boring of this day already! Good night peeps

I wish I was around you so we could both say good night on the same bed. Good night from here to there

The night is here and the whole Nigeria has gone to bed. Our hearts are just awake because they beat for each other at the same time. Good night my love

The name is mouthing my name already. My blanket is warm and waiting for me seriously. Good night my dear whatsapp peeps. Talk to you tomorrow

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Let us always make ourselves happy. Let us always wish ourselves good night. Good night Fam

I thank God for the beautiful life’s gift that he has given me. To see today and now go to bed again. Good night people, see you tomorrow

Keep calm and snore as you sleep.Good night

Good night people, don’t let the bedbugs bite

Silent night, holy night. All is dark and beautiful. Good night people!

Don’t lose hope today. You can never tell what tomorrow has in store for us. Good night Fam

I dream about you everyday and night. You make love a beautiful thing for me. Good night baby, sweet dreams

Good night sun and welcome moon. Please stay with me all through the night

Friendship good night status

Latest Good night Status for your loved ones
hey, what are you still doing up? Good night

Your last seen was 2 minutes ago. You should be asleep by now. Good night

Let your light so shine that it radiates even in darkness. Good night

I wish you the most peaceful sleep ever. Good night

I hope God guides and protects your family as always. Good night

Be careful of the devil. He only comes to steal and destroy. Pray before you sleep. Good night

The love my support will support everything about you, that I am sure. Good night my personal person

Remember even though I am not here physically, my mind is always with you. Good night

The love in friendship will always allow us to reach out for one another. Good night friends

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I want to spend the night out by staying indoors


Prayer good night status for your loved ones
May God be with you today, may he guide you in your sleep and in all your ways. Good night

Dream good night status

pray without ceasing and all your prayers will be answered. Good night

Live within your dreams and dream within your will. Your dream is your will and your will is your dream. Good nightmares 

Thank God for the beautiful friends that you have around you. Be appreciative. Good night.


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