Weekly YouTube Offer | Zong Weekly Internet Package

With the Zong’s Weekly YouTube Offer, users can avail 8 GB on YouTube and TikTok. At the cost of PKR 150 weekly, get your hands on favorite YouTube videos and all content. The offer can be subscribed using code *570#

Validity 1 Week
8 GB (YouTube + TikTok)
Including Taxes Rs. 150
Subscription Code *570#

Terms and Conditions

  • To check the remaining incentives, dial code *102# for PKR 0.1 + tax.
  • The fee of PKR 1 + tax per MB is charged for out of bundle usage upon package expiry.
  • The default rate of PKR 4+Tax /MB will be charged if you use the internet without a data bundle.
  • The default charging pulse is 1 MB.
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