7 Best Free Calculator Apps for iPhone

We use the app for the calculator almost every day. But we can all agree that most device makers don’t put much effort into making a good calculator app, and Apple is often the worst offenders. So, here are some of the best Free Calculator Apps for iPhone we can think of.

Even though the iPad doesn’t have a calculator app at all, the one on the iPhone is, to say the least, not very well made. For instance, the app doesn’t even show you a sign that says what you are doing. So, if you agree and want to find a better calculator app, this article has what you need. Let’s jump straight into the apps.

Free Calculator Apps for iPhone


Calculator & Math Solver is a simple and basic app that can be used instead of the iPhone’s built-in calculator. It gives you four tabs: a basic calculator, a scientific calculator, a fraction calculator, and a currency converter. One thing we liked about this app is that you can use voice dictation to tell the calculator what equations to solve.

It also shows you the history of your calculations so you don’t lose track of them. But the only ones that are really free are the basic calculator and the scientific calculator. The rest, like the currency converter and fractions calculator, let you do three calculations for free. You need to buy the pro version if you want to do more.

The app also has several widgets for the lock screen and works with Apple Watch. Still, there are too many ads, and some scientific conversions don’t work right on the calculator, according to some users.

But the pro version gets rid of ads and lets you scan math problems and give your calculator a custom look. If you just want a simple alternative to the default calculator app, though, the Calculator & Math Solver app will do.

Price: Free; Pro version: $0.99 per month onwards


Here’s another app that can be used instead of a basic calculator. Compared to the default calculator app, this app is good at giving you a detailed history of the calculations you’ve made. Aside from that, it has an easy-to-use interface with a basic calculator and a scientific calculator.

It has a simple set of options that can help you convert amounts. It has a currency converter, a date and time converter, and a few converters to help you with geometric dimensions. But none of these features are free; you have to buy the pro version to get them all. Also, the ads are turned off in the pro version.

In general, we like what this app does. You can check out the next few apps on our list if you want a calculator app with more ways to calculate and convert.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $19.99


One of our favourite iPhone calculator apps is ClevCalc. It has an easy-to-use interface that looks nice. The best thing about this app is that it gives you a lot of calculators, not just the basic calculator and the scientific calculator.

ClevCalc has calculators like a GPA calculator, a loan calculator, a VAT calculator, an ovulation calculator, etc., so you don’t have to look for calculators on your browser when you want to calculate something specific. You can also change the startup calculator and themes for free on this calculator.

This app has ads, but they don’t get in the way. Also, they are at the bottom of the app in the form of a banner. But in the pro version, the ads are gone and the “review this app” pop-up is turned off. But if you want to try out the pro version before buying it, ClevCalc lets you do so by watching an ad video.

However, if you found the list of functions in ClevCalc inadequate (they aren’t, though), take a look at the next iPhone calculator.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $7.99


OneCalc has a longer list of calculators than the app that came before it. It has calculators for finances, construction, converting units, health, and a lot more. What’s better is that it doesn’t have many ads. Also, they don’t show up often or get in the way of your use.

OneCalc also has a set of free themes that can be used to change the look of the calculator. The app’s user interface is also nice because it looks like the default calculator app. So, this app is for you if you don’t want to change what you already know. In the app’s “fav” section, you can also choose a few calculators that you like.

But there are some problems with the calculator’s memory functions. For example, when you add a new function, the old one is automatically erased. There are a lot of ads that get in the way, but you can get rid of them if you buy the pro version.

But all of the other features are free, and we love this app a lot. Even if you just use the free version, it’s worth it.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $3.99


One of our favourite apps on this list is Photomath. It makes it easy to use your camera to scan equations and get the answers. It also has a really nice user interface, which makes it one of the best calculator apps for the iPhone.

You can also upload an image from your gallery instead of scanning your equation to solve it. You can also type in a math problem to find the answer if you don’t want to read the equation.

But if you have trouble understanding how to solve the equation, you can get a detailed explanation and an animated tutorial. But the pro version is the only one that has this feature. The pro version also gives you answers to all of the major math books.

But the scan-to-solve tool could work a little bit faster. It does take some time to scan and figure out what you wrote, so we often just typed the equation directly. So, it is more of a fun feature than one that will help you be more productive.

But the free version lets you do everything else that’s important and doesn’t bother you with ads. At this point, we can say that this app is a must-have for anyone who needs a calculator for math, especially Algebra.

Price: Free; Plus Version: $9.99


Most STEM students probably have a Casio or TI calculator with them at all times. But what if you forgot to bring it to class one day? There are a lot of apps for scientific calculators that can help you out. Even if it doesn’t have all of your physical calculator’s features, it should at least be able to do the most common scientific functions. One of them is the Graphing Calculator X84.

Free Calculator Apps for iPhone

You also get a graphing tool in addition to all the basic functions. You can make graphs and share them with ease. As was already said, the layout and buttons of the app are a lot like those of the physical scientific calculator. Because of this, you might not feel comfortable using this app if you’ve never used one before.

You can use up to 200 characters to do calculations, which should be enough for most tasks. You also get a full history of the calculations and functions. You can also use statistics and regression functions, logarithmic functions, and solve integrals.

But this app has a lot of ads that get in the way. You will have to buy the app’s pro version if you want to get rid of them.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $4.99


The app before that on this list was made to work with a TI 84. But if you wanted a scientific calculator with a more generic interface and didn’t like the app Graphing Calculator X84, we suggest you check out Panecal Scientific Calculator.
Free Calculator Apps for iPhone

Most iPhone users who want a scientific calculator will find that Panecal meets their needs. It looks like it can do most of the math operations and functions that a physical calculator can do. You can also change most of the settings and ways that the calculator works.

But the calculator has a few problems when it comes to calculating inverse operations, and it also seemed to work a bit slowly. Those were the only two bad things we could come up with.

You also get a guide to help you figure out how to use the app. This is something we like, especially for people who are using a scientific calculator for the first time. But this app doesn’t have a way to make graphs. The free version has all the important features, but if you buy the pro version, the ads will go away as well.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $2.99

This marks the end of our list. However, if you have any more questions, you can take a look at our FAQ section.

FAQS ABOUT Free Calculator Apps for iPhone

1. Can you delete the Calculator app on iPhone?

Yes, you can delete a stock app from iPhone and even reinstall it back from the App Store.

2. Do the calculator apps on this list need the internet to function?

No, all of these apps can perform calculations offline.

3. Is the calculator app updated on iOS 16?

No, there have been no major updates to the calculator app on iOS 16.


From the long list of apps we’ve seen, these are some of the best calculator apps for iPhone. We suggest that you download all of these apps and try them out to see which one works best for you. Hope you find a good one so that everything is easy to figure out.