6 Best Apps to Learn Spanish on Android and iPhone

If you want to travel or study in a Spanish-speaking country but only know how to say “hola” and “amigos,” you’ve come to the right place. With all of the apps on your phone, it’s never been easier to learn a new language. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best apps for iPhone and Android that will help you learn Spanish.

People used to have to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time to learn a new language. Many well-made apps can help you start learning a language from the very beginning. When we looked for apps like this that could help you learn Spanish, we came up with a list of six cool apps. Let us get started.

Best Apps to Learn Spanish


Our favourite app for learning a new language has been Duolingo. The app gives small lessons in the form of small games and quizzes. When you use Duolingo, learning a new language is easy and fun.

When you set up the app, you can tell it if you are just starting to learn Spanish or if you already know a lot about it. You will also be asked to explain why you want to learn Spanish. Once you fill out the form, you’ll be given a “scientifically” proven way to learn a new language.

As soon as you start taking lessons on Duolingo, the app gives you a “learning streak,” which is a great way to make sure you don’t miss a day. The app also has short audio stories that can help you keep track of your language skills and improve how you say words. We also really like how the visual and audio parts make learning Spanish a lot of fun.

The layout of the app also makes it easy to use. It does, however, have a few ads on it. You can get rid of these ads if you buy the pro version, which also has more progress quizzes, repairs for streaks, and a lot of other extra features.

Even though the app has mostly good reviews and is number one in the Education category, a lot of users are upset that the latest update made them lose all of their progress. Even so, we didn’t have many problems, so we’d recommend Duolingo to anyone who wants to learn Spanish.

Price: Free, Pro Version: $0.99 onwards


Rosetta Stone is the right app for you if you want to take in-depth Spanish classes. It’s a well-made app with a nice user interface and a lot of lessons to help you learn Spanish quickly.

There are different kinds of lessons in the Learn tab. You should start with the “Language Basics” chapter and then move on to topics like “Shopping, Dining, Vacation, Tourism, Recreation, etc.” as you go along. It also has a separate “Phrasebook” that lets you find phrases quickly based on what you are doing.

Rosetta Stone basically helps you learn Spanish so you can handle and deal with any situation. We like how the lessons are grouped by situations, which makes it one of the best apps for learning Spanish on your phone. Even though the app was mostly smooth and easy to use, we did find a few bugs, like how it switched to landscape mode on its own.

However, the paid version of the app gives you more ways to learn, like an audio companion and learning through Stories. If you buy the paid version, you can use the app in its entirety and even watch a few lectures on the language you are learning.

Price: Free, Paid Version: $44.99/3 months onwards


The way Babbel teaches you a language is pretty formal. It has a simple design and focuses on helping you learn Spanish without a lot of extra features. So, if Duolingo was too hard for you and you like games, Babbel might be the app for you.

Even though we said the app is simple, it is not boring. It has all the usual audio-visual exercises that you would find on most of the apps on this list. It has a review section that lets you check your vocabulary regularly. The app also has a Live section where you can hear and learn from people who know the language well.

One thing we noticed is that the chapters and lessons need to be put into formal groups. They have names like A1, A2, etc. But it still has games that help you learn, but like Duolingo, games aren’t the main way to learn Spanish.

But one big problem is that you can only try out the first lesson of the language for free; you have to pay for the rest. In addition, the paid subscription gives you access to all games, videos, podcasts, and other features.

If you want to learn Spanish seriously, you should buy a paid subscription.

Price: Free, Paid Version: $17.99/month onwards


When we started using Memrise, we noticed that it was similar to Duolingo in a few ways. For example, like Duolingo, Memrise had a streak-based learning system and a similar user interface. But as soon as we started our first lesson, we realised that Memrise had a lot more to offer.

We really like how the lessons are set up. Instead of the usual “Basics 1,” “Basics 2,” etc., you learn things like how to talk to people, how to talk about food, how to talk about things, etc. When you start a lesson, you see real-life pictures of the word or action you want to learn, shown by a native Spanish speaker.

Here are the reasons we love this feature. One way to learn new words is to figure out what they mean. But in order to learn how to speak it, you need to understand the tone and body language of some words. This is best done by listening to a native speaker. This is exactly what the Memrise app gives you.

But we thought the app’s interface was a bit messy and that it showed too many options at once. We hope that it will be fixed in a future update. Memrise also has a paid version that gives you full access to all of the native speaker clips, lets you download courses to use when you’re not online, and gets rid of all the ads.

Price: Free, Paid Version: $8.99/month onwards


The last few apps focus on a modern way to learn that is made for people who spend a lot of time on social media and have short attention spans. Learn Spanish for Beginners is the app for you if you want to learn a language in an easy way.

This app has about twenty-six classes to help you learn Spanish. When you click on a chapter, you can see all the relevant materials, like quizzes, slideshows, and study lists. Using this app made me feel like I was back in school, which isn’t a bad thing.

We like how easy it is to find materials and chapters and how straightforward the app is. But not everyone might like the way the user interface works. And, unlike Duolingo’s Streak feature, it doesn’t do a good job of helping you keep up with your learning.

You can also use the built-in translator to speak Spanish, which we thought was a nice touch. There are also ads in the app, but they only show up at the bottom and don’t get in the way of the main content.

Price: Free


The SpanishDict app not only helps you learn Spanish, but it also has a large vocabulary built right into it. There are a lot of ways to keep your Spanish vocabulary in check. Even though you can learn a language in a certain amount of time, it is also important to improve it and find new ways to speak it correctly. This is what SpanishDict does.

There are five main parts to the SpanishDict app. You can start learning Spanish by clicking on the “Learn Spanish” tab. Then, there are two separate sections to help you improve your conjugation and vocabulary. We like the “conjugation drill” feature because it helps us get our tenses, pronouns, and verbs in order. The translator that comes with the phone also works perfectly and is a good addition to Google Translate.

You can also check out the “word of the day” section to learn new Spanish words on the go. Overall, we’re very happy with this app, so it’s on our list of the best apps for learning Spanish.

Most people will be fine with the free version, but you can buy the paid version to learn offline, get cheat sheets, and get rid of all ads from the interface.

Price: Free, Premium Version: $12.99/month onwards

Our list of the best apps for learning Spanish on your phone is over. If you still have questions, check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” section below.


1. How long does it take to learn Spanish on Duolingo?

If you spend an hour a day, you will be able to complete the course material within 90 days.

2. Can you use apps like Duolingo to study and qualify for official exams?

You can use these apps to help you study, but not as your only source of information. But you should always get the official study materials for these kinds of tests.

3. Can you use your iPhone in Spanish?

Yes, you can use your iPhone in Spanish.


These are six of the best apps for learning Spanish out of the many that are available on both the App Store and the Play Store. And the fact that you can learn a language on just your phone is really interesting to us. So you won’t need subtitles the next time you watch Money Heist!