5 Best Reddit Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Reddit is a treasure trove on the web. There is everything, from funny cat memes to mysteries that will make your skin crawl. It’s a great place to learn more because you can have discussions and find answers to all kinds of strange questions. Even though there is an official Reddit app, it doesn’t make it easy to use. So, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite and best Reddit apps for the iPhone and iPad.

We hope that small updates will make the official app better, but we’re glad that Reddit lets developers make their own apps. Also, these apps have added all of the requested features and suggestions that the official app developers have been ignoring for a long time. Read our article to find out what they have to offer and which Reddit app you should get.

1. APPOLO – BEST Reddit Apps for iPhone and iPad

Our favourite Reddit app for iOS is called Appolo. We love how smooth and well-designed the app is, which makes it a great experience to use. We know for sure that it fixes almost every problem with the official Reddit app because we’ve used it and because thousands of other people have given it good reviews.

The standard Reddit app is hard to use, which is one of the things people don’t like about it. Well, Appolo seems to solve that problem with its many gestures that let you move through the app smoothly.

During the time we used it, we noticed how accurate the search engine is. Most third-party apps on Reddit have trouble giving good search results, but that’s not the case here. You can also use “Multireddits,” which lets you combine different subreddits into a single feed. The theme configurator is also a big plus for us.

The best thing about Appolo is that it is completely free and does not have any ads. This is a very high bar for other app developers to reach.

Price: Free


We often spend a lot of time reading interesting posts on Reddit. We can’t do it with other social media apps, like Instagram or Facebook. If you also read on Reddit, the best alternative is Slide. The parts of Slide that make it easier to read will make reading on an iPad a great experience.

We like how posts are shown as cards and how the corners are rounded. The bold text also makes it easier to read. We also saw a small tab with text in a bold colour for external links. This makes it easy to tell them apart from comments that can be read. You can also choose to hide the posts you’ve already read. This means that you won’t see them again in your feed.

Also, have you ever said in a conversation, “Oh, I saw this cool post on Reddit,” but you only remembered half the details and couldn’t bring it up again because you lost the post? Well, you don’t have to worry because Slide has a “Read Later” tab and it’s easy to save and bookmark posts. Isn’t it a lifesaver?

Price: Free, Pro Version: $5


If Apple ever made an app for Reddit, it might look like Comet. If you look at the pictures below, you can see how the design was inspired by the Apple website and other apps like Apple Health, Settings, Contacts, and so on. Also, Comet not only looks like an Apple app, but it also works like one. This is a good example of how to make an app as useful as possible by getting the basics right.

The thing about Reddit is that each post has a lot of different parts, which can make it hard for someone who is new to understand. Especially the threads that have more than one level in the comments below each post. This is where Comet comes in, and it looks like they have made an interface that is easy to use. There is enough space and colour contrast for each action and element in the UI to stand out.

Also, Comet doesn’t have a lot of extra features, which is fine because it has everything most people need. And, as expected, there are no pop-up ads.

In the App Store, there are a lot of Reddit apps, so it’s hard to stand out. However, Comet seems to have kept its focus on the small details and does exactly what the official Reddit app didn’t do in terms of the user experience.

Price: Free

4. BACONREADER – MINIMAL THIRD-PARTY Reddit Apps for iPhone and iPad

BaconReader is a Reddit app with a simple, old-fashioned user interface and few features. This will be good for people who have been using Reddit for a long time and like how it works like a web browser more than a more modern interface. It’s important to know that you can’t change much about this app, and if you don’t want to, this is the right Reddit app for you.

Because the user interface is so simple and light, it will also work on slow internet connections. The front page and the way posts are shown on tiles is something we like about BaconReader. This will give you an idea of what is going on. If you get your news from Reddit, we’re sure you’ll like this new feature.

One big downside, though, is that there are always ads at the bottom of the post. This might make a lot of people think twice about using this app. Even more so when apps like Apolo and Comet have no ads at all.

Price: Free


When we tell people who have never used Reddit about it, they usually say no because the user interface isn’t easy to figure out. We’ve already talked about an app called Comet, and now we’re going to talk about Reno, which is another app that makes things easier for the user.

Reno looks and feels a lot like Instagram, and it’s clear that the layout is the same. The four buttons to switch tabs and the buttons for post actions look very familiar. Here’s a feature that doesn’t get as much attention as it should: when you share a link to an image or GIF in a Reddit post on Reno, it also adds a small thumbnail picture next to the link. This is a good way for your friends to get an idea of what you’ve shared.
This app is great for social media fans because it has these features and has a layout that is easy to use.

Price: Free

6. NARWHAL – MOST LIGHTWEIGHT Reddit Apps for iPhone and iPad

Narwhal is an iPhone app that is also simple and clean. Like BaconReader, it is an app with an old-style user interface and a design that works in a browser. It is quick and responsive, and it has a lot of gestures that make it easy to move around in the app.

We liked how easy it was to post on a subreddit because of the way it was set up. Even though it doesn’t do anything special, it looks like you’re writing an email, which is different from the other apps on this list.

If you read the reviews from other users, you can get a good idea of how easy it is to manage the comments below a post. One bad thing is that it has annoying ads, which we don’t like because they mess up the app’s simple user interface.


Price: Free

These are the most popular and recommended iPhone and iPad apps for Reddit. Also, you can download all of these apps for free from the App Store using the links provided. Next, we have a section called “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) to give you more information.

FAQS ON Reddit Apps for iPhone and iPad

1. Why do we need third-party apps for Reddit?

The official app is pretty slow, and most people don’t like how crowded it is. This is the main reason you might choose to use a different app. As the article says, these third-party apps come with a lot of extra features.

2. Are third-party Reddit apps safe?

Yes, they are quite safe to use. Besides, you can install them from the App Store itself.

3. When I log in to a third-party Reddit app, does it store my details?

No, the Reddit service takes care of and provides the login window. So, if you use a third-party app to access Reddit, it won’t save your login information.

4. Which is the most downloaded Reddit app?

Appolo for Reddit is the most downloaded Reddit app on the App Store.


So, that’s a quick look at the best Reddit apps for the iPhone and iPad. All of these apps have cool things that the official app doesn’t have. We hope you found a better way to look around on Reddit. Download what you want, and have fun on Reddit!