6 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for iPhone in 2023

Wallpapers are such an important part of making your phone look and feel a certain way. Even better is if the picture goes well with the way the phone looks. But your device only comes with a small number of default wallpapers, and we’d love to see more. If this is the case, here are some of the best iPhone wallpaper apps.

There are apps on this list for everyone, whether you want dark-mode wallpapers or cool live wallpaper to keep you from getting bored. So, if you want to change your wallpaper, go ahead and check out the apps on this list!

Wallpaper Apps for iPhone


If there’s one app that we always put on a new Apple device, it’s Vellum. This app has beautiful wallpapers that you can choose from. Vellum has a collection of work from some of the best artists on the internet in more than 20 different categories.

Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

There is also a daily featured wallpaper that makes it easy to find new wallpaper every day. There is also a collection of famous paintings that have been shrunk down so they can be used as wallpaper. If you use an iPhone with an OLED screen, the app will work even better for you.

The interface is also pretty clean, and you can blur the wallpaper if you want to. At the bottom, there are ads, but they don’t bother you. There is also a paid version that gives you access to four weeks of daily wallpapers and stops ads from showing up.

Still, you’d be better off with a few of the other apps on this list if you want minimal wallpaper. Most of the wallpapers on Vellum are very artistic, and some people might find them too loud.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $1.99


Most iPhone users use Backdrops as their wallpaper app. Backdrop is different from Vellum because it has more content and fewer wallpapers. This keeps your attention on the app icons on the home screen. Even though they have a good number of categories, our favourite is the “Explore” tab, which has a never-ending list of new wallpapers. Under “wall of the day,” Backdrop also gives you a new wallpaper.

Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

Most of these apps are made by the people who make Backdrops and added to it. But users can also upload their own wallpapers if they want to. In the community section, you can find these and a lot of other wallpapers that users have shared. Backdrops also tell you how big the wallpaper is and what resolution it is before you download it.

The app worked pretty well, and it was easy to download and set a new background. There were also very few ads that were not too annoying. There’s also a “pro” version that gives you access to more AMOLED wallpapers and gets rid of ads. Overall, we really like Backdrops, and it’s easy to recommend it to anyone.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $3.99


Zedge is one of the oldest and most popular websites for wallpapers on the web. Their iPhone app lives up to their reputation. There are many wallpapers, including live wallpapers, in many different categories and from many different sources on the internet. But Zedge does something interesting: it combines NFTs and wallpapers.

When you use Zedge, you can use wallpapers as NFTs. This means you can buy and show off NFTs on your home screen without getting involved in the whole crypto world.

We felt that the whole thing could have been better. But this might be for you if you find the app’s features interesting and appealing. But what really impressed us was how many different wallpapers it has and how you can sort them by popular online designers. Not all wallpapers are free, though. To get access to everything, you have to buy the paid version.

rice: Free; Premium Subscription: $1 for 500 coins


Live wallpapers have been a part of Android for a long time, but they didn’t come to iPhone until iOS 7 in 2014. Since then, Apple has let users put live wallpapers from third parties on both the home screen and the lock screen. Live wallpapers that come with your phone aren’t very many, so you might want to check out the app Live Wallpaper for Me.

Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

This app has a great collection of iPhone live wallpapers with high resolution. It has a lot of different categories, and you can get a good look at the wallpaper before you download it.

Even though not all of them are free, you get enough. But if you upgrade to the pro version, all the collections will be unlocked and you’ll get regular updates to the same. The ads are also turned off, just like in the other apps. So, if you liked the Apple Dynamic wallpapers, we’re sure you’ll love this live wallpaper app.

Price: Free; Pro version: $14.99/year


Wallcraft is one of the best iPhone apps for live wallpaper. We like that the app comes with a set of clean live wallpapers. You can also get static wallpapers, and we like that it has a lot of pictures from the real world.

A double wallpaper is an interesting feature. You can use a still home screen wallpaper and a moving lock screen wallpaper together to make an interactive experience.

But not every background is free. You can buy them with the coins you get from watching ads. You can also switch to the pro version if you don’t want to wait. But it’s a little bit pricey. Overall, the app was easy to use, and even in the free version, we were impressed by how many beautiful wallpapers it had to offer.

Price: Free, Pro Version: $12.99


Pixis is one of the iPhone apps with the most interesting wallpapers. Before we download a wallpaper, we all have to think about how it will look on the home screen. Pixis lets you see how the wallpaper looks on the lock screen and home screen and helps you decide if it looks good behind app icons or not.

Pixis has a great collection of wallpapers, just like the other sites on this list. The best part is that it lets you change the wallpaper to make it your own by adding different filters.

Compared to Backdrops or Vellum, Pixis’s user interface is clean and well-thought-out. Overall, we think it’s great and think you should try it.

Price: Free; Subscription: Starts at $2.49/month


These are our Wallpaper Apps for iPhone. Even though the ones Apple adds are beautiful, we’re sad that there aren’t more of them. Or maybe it’s time for Apple to charge for an extra set of high-quality wallpapers? We gave the tech giant an idea.